Your Spring Cleaning Helps People In India and Africa Through The DAV and City Union Mission!

15 April 2018

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Your Spring Cleaning Helps People In India and Africa Through The DAV and City Union Mission!

Red Racks Thrift Stores, owned and operated by the Disabled American Veterans, and City Thrift owned by City Union Mission NEED donated items to stock their shelves and support local Veterans and community members in need. Your Spring Cleaning can also help people around the world. “75% of the items that are donated to us, we can’t resell in our stores. Instead of throwing those items away, we sell them to help people around the world,” said CEO Doug DePew.

“After we determine that we are unable to sell items in our stores, they are then offered to many different vendors who can reuse those items,” DePew said. “Vendors who purchase the donations we are unable to sell will send them to places like India and Africa who will repurpose or use those items to employ and clothe people.”

DePew added, “It is really neat to know that when you clean out your closets and donate those pants or a stained shirt or even a pair of socks with a hole, if they can’t be sold in our stores, we pass the donation along to help our friends and neighbors worldwide. The money that we get from repurposing these donations all goes back to either the DAV or City Union Mission, helping those locally!” He goes on to mention that no matter what the condition of your donation, Red Racks or City Thrift will be happy to take them.

Red Racks Thrift Stores and City Thrift Stores are open 9am to 9pm, Monday-Saturday and 10am to 8pm Sundays. Donations can be delivered during these hours inside the store or at convenient drive-up locations. For larger items donors may schedule a residential or commercial pickup by calling 816-960-4621. For a list of items that are accepted and more donation information, please visit or

DePew reflected, “It’s it great to know that something you were going to do anyway, like declutter a room in your home, can make such an impact to our local community and worldwide!”

For more information on the DAV please visit For information on City Union Mission please visit Additional information on the thrift stores can be found at and


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