Traffic-Supercharger could solve the problem of getting visitors to you website.

6 May 2018

Traffic-Supercharger could solve the problem of getting visitors to you website.

Traffic-Supercharger proves it is possible to get visitors to your website, even if no one actually visits your website !!!
We have discovered that a recently designed application was specially developed which would automatically send out smart web search spiders to search for every keyword that a websitewas indexed fo..
As an example, if your product keyphrase was something like “Gastric Band Surgery” you would normally enter this key-Phrase into a Google™ search bar so that your browser would then go off and checks to see if it could find your website on Google™ search results “listed within the first ten pages of Google™ index for the”key-Phrase “gastric band surgery”.
The next thing this application would do was to send its top secret spider crawling the Google™ index to find the listed webpage for each of these laser targeted keywords. So once the super sleuth spider finds the link it would automatically click on that link and visit the website !!
Wouldn’t that neat !! Think That Would Bring some extra “love” from Google™?
You Can Bet The Farm On It….
The thing with Google™ is that we all know that they love websites that get lots of traffic from generic search results !!.
The other big benefit is that we also know that google™ loves websites with low bounce rates !!
With this new technollogy it is able to easily and automatically generate tons off traffic to any website just by using a list of keywords.
Imagine if you could tell a piece of software to go visit 50 of your webpages on your site.then sit there for a few seconds, scroll down the page like a normal person would, and then go and find another post on the same website and click on that and scroll up and down the page before leaving the site, and then start the whole process all over again for as many times as you want, even whilst you were sleeping !!
Each of these hundreds of searches could be laser targeted for your search engine listed keywords to improve your web-sites generic traffic results on Google™ analytics, whilst at the same time reducing your traffic “Bounce Rate” to further boost your Google™ analytics results because our sytem will not only visit your website, it will actually scroll down the entry page, pause for a while, and then click on another internal link on your website and go visit that too !!!
wouldnt that be Amazing !!
If you are trying to use “regular Search Engine Optimization techniques to get your pages ranked higher for the same terms that everyone else is, it’s common sense that you can’t all rank on the top of the search engine for the same keywords isn’t it !!.
BUT… If you could somehow make Google™ think that your website was more popular than your competitors for any given keyword in the top 10 pages of Google™ search results, what do you think will happen to your business?
We all know that if you are not in the top 20 results, then you may as well not even be listed in the search engine. With this system, you could make it appear like you have thousands of visitors crawling over your website every day of the week, or month for that matter !!
We know that there are tons of programs on the market that will create Doorway Pages, Smart pages, Cloaking Pages, Flash Forwarding Pages etc… the list goes on and on….
But you need to be very careful when using those types of programs though. With all of these systems, it’s only a matter of time until you risk getting your website de-listed from the search engines because of the footprint you are creating for Google™ to find…

One of the recent changes on YouTube™ virtually wiped out hundreds of thousands of users adsense money making links by stopping them from monetizing their videos !!! Not only that, they made it so that your video channel needed over 40,000 visitors a year to qualify for monetizing their videos going forward, which most people will find virtually impossible to achieve!!
Well the good news is that with this new technology you can fix that too !!!
Did you know that Google™ recognises the value of your Maps™ listings, and that if you have it set up properly with a link to your website, that your Maps™ listing will be ranked even higher in the Google™ Maps™ box listings !! We discovered this little know fact quite by accident when we were running early tests of our system.
The other thing is that this new software will carry out searches on Google™ Maps™ listings too by appling the same principle and search for GoogleMaps™ listed keywords to find the listing on a map search, the sleuth spider visited the listing on Google™ Maps™, and then wandered around for a while, then it clicked on the link to our website and sat there for a while before exiting the search, and guess what? It worked !!!
So there you have it, finally, a system that actually works is available to give your web site an incredible laser targeted Boost !!
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