The Dish for Developing a Viral Video Clip Worthy of Substantial Views

20 November 2017

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The Dish for Producing a Viral Video Worthy of Enormous Views [unable to fetch full-text content]

What is it about a video that makes it go viral? Of course, videos featuring celebrities easily generate thousands of views within days. However, for the video uploaded by the average Joe or Jane, it takes a certain attention-grabbing element for it to obtain views in blowout numbers.

Anyone has what it takes to make a video go viral, and it doesn’t require anything more than a few seconds of footage taken from a cellphone cam. While luck is involved to a degree, it is much more about providing content that viewers would deem worthy of sharing through social media and word-of-mouth.

Why Would Someone Watch Your Video in the First Place?

What are the motivations for watching a video on YouTube? While some may watch a video for informational purposes, more often, people watch a video to be entertained. Whether it is a slow day in the office or because they have nothing better to do at home, people watch short videos because they want to laugh, to feel inspired or simply be amazed. For a video to leave its mark, the viewers need to undergo any of the following:

1. Laugh from the belly

2. Feel heartwarming inspiration that causes tears to roll

3. Feel their jaw drop because they just saw something unbelievable and utterly amazing

4. Make them say to themselves “Is this for real?”

5. Make them go “awe” due to the sheer cuteness of the content

Think about viral videos on YouTube that don’t involve celebrities. They all involve to an extent one of those five elements. They are also so out of the norm that people can’t help but talk about them. Consider the following examples of videos that have gone viral and how they fit into the paradigm:

Kid Beethoven – This is a video of a young boy, no more than 10 years of age completely owning a piano at a Costco store as if he was Beethoven incarnate. Patrons passing by soon became mesmerized and began filming this child prodigy on their cellphone cams. This video clearly falls under the category of being unbelievable and utterly amazing.

Soldiers Returning Home – This one’s a real tear jerker and is a compilation of service members returning home from deployment and surprising their loved ones at home or school. Whether you can relate to the video or not, it is one that brings a tear to your eyes because it reminds one of the importance of family and the tremendous sacrifices our men and women in uniform endure.

In a day and age where just about anything can be captured on film, videos are all over the Web. The ones that happen to go viral are the ones that really pull on the human emotion. These are the ones that the viewers deem worthy of being shared and soon become Web sensations as a result

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