Thanksgiving Google doodle turkey pardons itself & departs from any type of supper traditions

28th November 2017

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Thanksgiving Google doodle turkey pardons itself & departs from any type of dinner customs Today’s Thanksgiving Google doodle is an animated image of a turkey taking leave for the vacations. “Unlike his tamed brethren, Turkey in today’s Doodle is flying … from the Thanksgiving table,” composes Google on the Google Doodle blog site. Google offered a quick bit of history around Thanksgiving, noting just how the first meal 369 years ago was a banquet commemorated in between the Pilgrims and the Indigenous American tribe of Wampanoag– as well as how Abe Lincoln made Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. It additionally referenced the presidential tradition of pardoning turkeys for the last 28 years: “Though the pardoning of turkeys has actually been a governmental privilege since 1989, Turkey in this Doodle has made a decision to excuse itself.” According to, the initial president to excuse a turkey was George H.W. Bush. Here’s the fully animated image of today’s Google doodle that leads to a look for “Thanksgiving”: Backlink

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