Takes Dating Sites to a Whole New Level

13 April 2018

Habazar Internet Marketing and Social Media Campaign Management Takes Dating Sites to a Whole New Level

Carolyn Reynolds can’t sit still. Professionally, she has authored three astrological books and has been published in 14 languages, (most recently in China). She is a certified professional astrologer and has been on hundreds of radio shows and a few television programs as well. So, one would think she’s got her hands full. But no. Instead, she has just introduced her latest venture – a dating site based on astrology.

“It’s the next logical step,” she claims. “Millions of lonely people are looking for their soulmates. Why not pair them astrologically?” The site, launched March 2018, will be the matchmaker for those who understand that our characteristics are set at birth. Matching people based upon those characteristics is a great way to accurately connect subscribers to those most suited for them.

Online dating, once a marginal and pilloried activity, has now grown into a $2 billion industry. More than 40 million Americans have tried online dating, and over 30% of the American couples who married between 2005 and 2012 met online. uses a computer-based system to accurately match people based on numerous aspects of their astrological footprint which Reynolds believes will result in much great success for subscribers.

Catherine said this: “It was wild. I never thought I would end up meeting my life partner online, but it was the best decision I ever made. It really is just another way to get to know someone in the light. To put your phone down. Have a conversation. Believe you are worth someone’s time. And then the rest flows from there.

”Reynolds has authored THE BOOK OF LOVERS, ASTROLOGY ON THE JOB, (Lowell House/McGraw-Hill), KINGS OF MEMPHIS: Elvis and Tutankhamen, and ASTROLOGICAL TEACHING SIGNS. Two of her books are internationally published. She has appeared on network television and hundreds of national and international radio programs including acting as a consulting astrologer and on-air personality. In addition, she filmed a segment for UNSOLVED MYSTERIES (Born to Kill) Season 9 Episode 20 and episode 269 and THE OTHER SIDE. Featured in the Infomercial for the late LINDA GOODMAN’S ASTROLOGY REPORTS, she co-authored her last book LINDA GOODMAN RELATIONSHIP SIGNS. Guest appearances include Dr. Drew, America Online Celebrity Chat Room and have been a CNN Radio Affiliate Co-Host and Guest Host.


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