New Technology Enables Cell Phones to Replace Multi-Line Full-Featured Desktop Telephone Systems and PBXs

13 April 2018

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New Technology Enables Cell Phones to Replace Multi-Line Full-Featured Desktop Telephone Systems and PBXs

A new, patented technology dramatically expands the capabilities of a single cell phone resulting in dramatically expanded capabilities at minimal cost. Any business can now use its mobile phones to control and monitor any call session in the company phone system/PBX, resulting in a far more versatile telephone system.

This patent covers a multiple-call-session system for cellular phones with these unique advantages:

  • Leveraged cellular network that gives a single mobile phone advanced PBX features
  • One mobile phone that can connect over a single cellular voice line to multiple phone devices through respective multiple call sessions
  • Independent control of multiple call sessions on a smartphone
  • Sharing of call sessions among several host mobile devices
  • Modern social-style activity designed for voice
  • Control and monitoring of call sessions on a mobile phone while talking on any other line (landline, VoIP or browser)

U.S. Patent No. 9,049,696 for a “Multiple Call Session System and Method for a Mobile Phone” establishes a virtual switchboard that enables communication with multiple external devices.

“This patent enables a cell phone OEM or cellular services provider to offer a level of service not available from any of its competitors,” observes Alec Schibanoff, Vice President of IPOfferings LLC, the patent broker that represents this patent. “The company that acquires this technology will both create and own a new business segment in the competitive cellular marketplace!”

“This patent innovates the calling app – the second-most used app for mobile phones after texting/SMS – allowing individuals and companies to finally have their entire phone system where they need it most – on their smartphones!” adds Joe Sansalone, inventor of U.S. Patent No. 9,049,696. “This will usher in a new era of simplified, yet powerful, calling functionality for the end-user and an amazing growth business for the owner of this technology.”

A prospectus covering this patent and additional properties in the portfolio, as well as details for acquiring the technology covered by the patent, is available from IPOfferings at patents(at)

Two videos are available that demonstrate the functionality of the invention covered by this patent: and


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