Guelph Software Companies Open Collaborative Office Near U of G

11 April 2018

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Guelph Software Companies Open Collaborative Office Near U of G

SpeakFeel Corporation and Sandbox Software Solutions, two local software development firms, have opened a new joint office on Gordon Street, just a five-minute walk from the University of Guelph. The shared space aims to benefit both companies by distributing resources and boosting collaboration, leading to increased morale among development teams and greater opportunities for effective problem-solving.

On the surface it may seem like the two software organizations are competing, but Sandbox Co-Founder Devin Gauthier asserts that the office dynamic is purely innovative: “Many companies don’t take the time to get to know who their perceived competitors are. Despite operating in the same industry, there are very few projects that SpeakFeel and Sandbox would actually compete on, and many other organizations could strongly benefit from being open to this type of collaboration.”

Kelly Brooks, President and Founder of SpeakFeel, also notes, “ICT firms in Guelph share many of the same challenges. We’re in a regionally-based competitive space for skilled employees and have a unique set of operational and service processes. Co-sharing a location serves as an ideal approach to addressing these issues. We can bounce ideas and solutions off each other. We don’t have to do it alone.”

Community members are also expressing excitement at the partnership. Anne Toner Fung, Executive Director of Innovation Guelph, a local business accelerator, says, “We are excited to hear about the collaborative relationship emerging between SpeakFeel and Sandbox…this type of forward-thinking space sharing is key to the development of the ICT sector-which has become an integral part of every other sector interested in innovating and staying competitive.”

For years, SpeakFeel and Sandbox have been developing projects for clients in and beyond the GTA, bringing millions of dollars to the Wellington County region. Moving forward, both companies are positive that their coworking setup will greatly benefit the Guelph community by allowing them to grow their complimentary services while strengthening current ties with Innovation Guelph, Business Centre Guelph-Wellington, the Guelph Chamber of Commerce, and the School of Computer Science at U of G.

Sandbox already works heavily with the University, regularly accepting co-op students and offering a $1,000 scholarship to the woman-identified compsci student with the highest average. SpeakFeel also continuously supports the community; like Sandbox, it hires co-op students and maintains close ties with downtown businesses and organizations. Notably, SpeakFeel’s Kelly Brooks was a mentor for Innovation Guelph’s Rhyze Project, a program that supports networking and leadership opportunities for women.

About SpeakFeel Corporation

SpeakFeel is a software development firm that creates web and mobile applications for clients in Canada and beyond. The company specializes in building applications that utilize progressive technologies such as artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and blockchain.

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About Sandbox Software Solutions

Established in 2004, Sandbox is a custom software development agency that works primarily with nonprofit and public-sector clients across North America. The company crafts professional digital strategies and specializes in designing websites to strengthen clients’ online branding.

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