Google cautions web designers not to make use of misleading occasion markup

29 November 2017

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Google cautions web designers not to make use of misleading event markup

Google is cautioning authors as well as web designers not to utilize event markup in such a way that is misdirecting to searchers, or else Google will certainly eliminate the capability for your entire website to show abundant fragments in its search engine result.

Google stated it has actually just recently upgraded and also cleared up the guidelines around making use of occasion markup after they got a great deal of responses around the misuse of that markup. Specifically, Google is calling out authors in the coupons/vouchers area as increasing their offers with event markup. “Making use of Event markup to describe something that is not an event produces a bad individual experience, by causing a rich result for something that will certainly occur at a certain time, regardless of no real event existing,” Google composed.

Here is an example of such misleading rich fragments:

If you do this, Google stated it “may take hands-on activity in such situations.” A hands-on action is when a human at Google marks your internet site as doing something versus the Google guidelines. Generally, it results in ranking downgrading or delisting but “it could lead to organized data markup for the entire website not being used for search outcomes,” Google wrote.

If your website gets noted with these manual activities, you will certainly find a notice in your search Console account. From there, you could take rehabilitative activity and also submit a reconsideration request.


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