Introduction to HouseWash PA Exterior Cleaning Services

7 February 2024

Introduction to HouseWash PA Exterior Cleaning Services

HouseWash PA is a locally owned and operated exterior cleaning company serving homeowners throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. A family-owned and operated business with more than a decade of industry experience, HouseWash PA specializes in gentle exterior cleaning to ensure effective and safe cleaning for all types of surfaces.

Overview of HouseWash PA’s exterior cleaning services

HouseWashPA was founded on the principle of an owner-operated business, meaning the owner himself is on every customer project, ensuring a level of quality control and attention to detail that larger cleaning companies simply cannot provide.

HouseWash PA offers the following exterior cleaning services, among others:

  • House wall washing
  • Roof cleaning
  • Deck, patio, and fence cleaning
  • High-pressure cleaning of concrete, brick, and stone

The company uses state-of-the-art softwash techniques and equipment to thoroughly clean exterior surfaces without risking the damage that can occur with pressure washing. The signature softwash process is safe for all materials and uses specialized soaps and solutions for optimal cleaning results.

HouseWash PA serves homeowners in Chester County, Lancaster County, Berks County, Montgomery County, and beyond, covering most zip codes in eastern Pennsylvania.

Top 5 benefits of professional home exterior cleaning

Having your home’s exterior professionally cleaned by a company like HouseWash PA provides a number of benefits to both the aesthetics and maintenance of your home:

1. Increased curb appeal & property value through exterior cleaning

A clean, bright exterior immediately increases curb appeal and makes a great first impression on visitors. It also increases the resale value of the home. According to the National Association of Realtors, a freshly washed home sells for 3-5% more on average.

2. Remove harmful contaminants

Over time, dirt, mold, mildew, and other debris can damage siding, roofing, and masonry. A thorough cleaning removes these contaminants to protect the integrity of exterior materials. Stopping moisture damage also prevents costly repairs later on.

3. Exterior cleaning means a Healthier outdoor living space

Cleaning mold, pollen, and contaminants create a healthier outdoor living environment for your family and keeps insects and pests away.

4. Protection against leaking roofs and damage

Dirt builds up on the roof shingles, which can lead to leaks in the attic and walls or damage the roof itself. A clean roof drains water well and extends its lifespan.

5. Increased longevity of building materials with exterior cleaning

Regular washing will maintain the quality of all exterior surfaces, allowing siding, masonry, fencing, and more to last longer before needing to be replaced.

Exterior Cleaning

Overview of home exterior cleaning techniques

There are two main methods that professional house-washing companies use:

Pressure washing for exterior cleaning

This technique involves spraying water at high pressure from a special pressure washer. The pressure ranges from 2000-3000+ PSI. Pressure washing effectively removes dirt, but can damage softer materials such as wood siding if not done properly. It works well for cleaning concrete.

Soft washing

The soft wash technique gently cleans exterior surfaces with less than 600 PSI. Special detergents and low-pressure water loosen dirt without damaging it. The soft wash technique is safe for all materials such as roof shingles, vinyl siding, wood, etc. This is HouseWash PA‘s preferred washing method.

HouseWash PA’s signature softwash process includes:

  • Pre-rinsing the surface
  • Application of special cleaners and surfactants
  • Low-pressure rinse – pH balancing neutralizer
  • Protective/preventative spray solution

This multi-step process allows HouseWash PA to thoroughly clean exterior surfaces while being gentle enough for delicate materials.

The company uses only environmentally friendly and biodegradable chemicals that do not harm plants and grass. The solutions also help to re-grow the good bacteria on vegetation.

Various outdoor surfaces that HouseWash PA can wash with exterior cleaning

HouseWash PA has experience and expertise in cleaning all types of exterior building materials with excellent results:


  • Vinyl siding
  • Wood siding
  • Fiber cement siding
  • Composite siding
  • Aluminum siding
  • Brick siding


  • Asphalt shingle
  • Concrete roof tiles
  • Metal roofs

Other surfaces

  • Wood or composite decking
  • Concrete sidewalks and foundations
  • Patio stones and paving stones
  • Outdoor kitchens and fireplaces
  • Wooden fences, pergolas and gazebos

With specialized techniques for each surface type, HouseWash PA can revitalize any outdoor area regardless of material. Their gentle washing method is versatile enough to clean even delicate wood fences or tile roofs without damage.

How to recognize that it’s time for the exterior cleaning of your home

There are clear signs that the exterior of your home needs a professional clean:

  • Dirty windows and blocked fly screens – splashes of dirt on the windows are a sure sign
  • Black streaks on the roof – a sign of mold or algae growth
  • Traces of dirt along the foundation – splashes of dirt discolor the siding
  • Moldy decking boards or patio stones – grow in shady and damp areas
  • Insect nests in eaves or gables – wasps like to build nests on dirty roofs and overhangs
  • Discoloration of siding due to rain – minerals in the water cause streaky stains without having to be washed

As a rule of thumb, the house should be thoroughly washed every 12 to 18 months. Houses with many trees nearby or in humid climates may require an annual cleaning.

Spring and fall are the ideal times for exterior cleaning – avoid the hot months when cleaning products dry too quickly before being rinsed off. Coordinate house cleaning with gutter cleaning as well for optimal exterior maintenance results.

HouseWash PA’s exterior cleaning service area in Eastern Pennsylvania

As a locally owned and operated company, HouseWash PA provides exterior cleaning services to homeowners throughout Eastern Pennsylvania.

Their primary coverage area includes:

  • Chester County
  • Lancaster County
  • Berks County
  • Montgomery County
  • Bucks County
  • Delaware County

Some of the larger cities and towns that HouseWash PA serves are

Chester County

West Chester, Exton, Downingtown, Downingtown, Phoenixville, Malvern, Paoli

Delaware County

Havertown, Springfield, Upper Darby, Clifton Heights, Ridley Park

Montgomery County

Lansdale, North Wales, Blue Bell, Ardmore, Fort Washington

Bucks County

Doylestown, Warrington, Newtown, Newtown, Yardley, Bensalem

Whether you have a home in the Philadelphia suburbs or near Amish Country, HouseWash PA offers exterior cleaning for your home.

Why homeowners should choose HouseWash PA

When it comes to choosing professional house washing services, HouseWash PA stands out as a top-notch service provider for several reasons:

★ Owner-operated company

As an owner-operated business, you can rest assured that you’ll be supported by expert cleaners on every project. Larger franchises simply can’t offer this level of care and oversight.

decades of specialized experience

With more than a decade of experience in exterior cleaning, HouseWash PA has an impressive level of expertise when it comes to safely cleaning delicate surfaces. Newer or part-time professional cleaners simply don’t have this level of experience in perfecting gentle washing techniques.

★ Use of environmentally friendly cleaning solutions

HouseWash PA uses only the highest quality and most environmentally friendly exterior cleaning products available on the market. The cleaning products do not contain harsh chemicals that could damage vegetation or leach into the soil over time. In addition, the products are completely biodegradable.

★ Good reviews & reputation

Check out HouseWash PA’s 5-star reviews on various review portals – the company’s expertise and care are clearly evident in the extremely satisfied homeowners. You can trust this company to deliver exceptional results thanks to a proven track record.

★ Affordable and transparent pricing

As a local provider, HouseWash PA offers very fair prices for exterior cleaning without inflated franchise costs, and detailed estimates are provided so you won’t be surprised by additional costs once the work begins.

Methods, techniques and equipment for house cleaning

To provide top-notch exterior cleaning services for Pennsylvania homes, HouseWash PA utilizes specialized techniques and professional equipment. The methods allow for thorough cleaning of all types of materials while being gentle enough to cause no damage.

Soft Washing Overview

HouseWash PA’s entire exterior cleaning process is based on experience with advanced soft wash methods that utilize moderate water pressure of under 600 PSI in conjunction with strong cleaning solutions to remove dirt without damaging surfaces.

The key benefits of the softwash process are

  • Safe for all exterior building materials
  • Cleans surfaces without erosion
  • Uses less water than pressure washing
  • Maintains surface integrity for longer cleaning
  • Prevents loose debris and splatter

With the right training and equipment, soft washing can tackle even the most stubborn dirt and debris, reaching even difficult crevices better than traditional pressure washing.

That’s why HouseWash PA uses soft washing exclusively for all of its exterior cleaning services.

Customized multi-stage softwash process

To take full advantage of the softwash process, HouseWash PA uses a specialized 5-step process tailored to each individual exterior surface:

🧼 Pre-treatment rinse

The first step is a gentle pre-rinse of the surface with purified water to wet the surface and prepare it for the cleaning solutions.

Application of the alkaline/acidic detergent

Next, HouseWash PA applies the appropriate alkaline or acid detergent depending on the surface material. For example, a different detergent is used for painted timber cladding than for a tiled roof or brick patio. The solution lifts and loosens dirt and debris from the exterior surface below.

💧 Gentle washing and rinsing

By setting the pressure of the softwash machine to a suitable level for the surface in question, all mobilized soiling and detergent residues are rinsed off with water under pressure. Proper rinsing at low pressure is important to prevent soiling from being splashed back onto areas that have already been cleaned.

🧪 pH-balancing neutralizer

Since exterior wash solutions are naturally alkaline or acidic, a pH neutralizer must be applied to restore the proper pH balance. This protects the landscaping and prevents long-term deterioration of the material.

🛡 Protective barrier layer

The final step in the house cleaning process is to apply a clear protective coating, such as a water-repellent or UV inhibitor. This seals the exterior surface so that it looks cleaner for longer after cleaning. It also protects it against future debris and staining.

With this exterior cleaning system tailored to each project from start to finish, HouseWash PA ensures that no exterior surface is left untreated. The customized process allows for specialized cleaning of aluminum siding, wood fencing, brick patios, and much more. No other company takes such care to address the unique needs of each material on a home’s exterior.

Professional equipment for house cleaning

In addition to customized techniques, HouseWash PA also uses advanced, professional cleaning equipment to safely and effectively clean home exteriors, including

🖲 Telescopic washing poles

Special extendable telescopic poles allow access to the second floor to clean higher sections of the facade, dormers, and roof peaks. The pivoting wash pole also features special nozzles for variable spray patterns.

💦 Water filter system

A whole-house water filter system removes deposits and minerals from the water that could cause stains on the cleaned surfaces. Filtered, pure water also optimizes the activation of the cleaning agent.

🧺 Soft wash pressure machine

These machines provide a constant, non-damaging water pressure of under 1000 PSI for house cleaning. Adjustable pressure releases allow for customization to the tolerance level of each exterior material.

🗜 Chemical injection system

Detergents and solutions upstream of the washing process are automatically dosed and added to the water, providing a reliable dilution ratio for optimum cleaning performance.

🚿 High-volume low-pressure rinsing

Special hoses and nozzles optimize gentle rinsing, wide blower angles help to cover larger areas, while throttled pressure prevents surface erosion or dirt splashback.

Thanks to this professional equipment, HouseWash PA technicians can safely reach and clean every area of a home’s exterior – from the sidewalk to a three-story rooftop. No niche or surface is left untouched thanks to the specialized house cleaning equipment.

When you should schedule a house exterior cleaning

The right time to schedule a professional house cleaning is almost as important as choosing the right cleaning company. If the project is tackled at the wrong time, the cleaning may be less effective or lead to quicker re-soiling after the cleaning.

Here’s an overview of the ideal timing, signs to look out for, and recommendations for the frequency with which you should schedule your home’s exterior cleaning.

Best times of year for house cleaning

While Pennsylvania house cleaning is available year-round in the warmer states, it’s best to do it in the spring and fall, as the temperate weather prevents extremes that could interfere with proper cleaning.

Spring house cleaning

April through May, before the high heat of summer, is the ideal time for a comprehensive house cleaning. Spring cleaning removes stubborn debris from winter without weather extremes. Also, schedule spring cleaning around seasonal pollen cycles for better cleanliness.

House cleaning in the fall

September and October are also the best months for exterior cleaning. The cooler fall temperatures prevent cleaning products from drying out quickly but still allow the chemicals to activate properly. Fall also prepares the “shell” of the house for winter.

If you only want to address certain problem areas like a moldy roof or dirty siding, you can have the house cleaned in the summer, but it’s best to have the whole house cleaned in the spring or fall.

Signs that it’s time for a house wash

Aside from seasonal recommendations, look for the following signs that your home needs a professional cleaning:

🖍 Dark streaks on the roof

Black lines along the roofline indicate algae or mold infestation that needs to be removed. Moss and mold gradually damage the shingles.

💧 Stained siding

Yellow or brown streaks along the siding are debris from the roof washing down the exterior walls – a clear sign that it’s time to clean the roof and walls.

🍃 Deposits in the gutters

Clogged gutters that are crammed with leaves also indicate that it’s time for exterior maintenance work, such as washing and cleaning the gutters.

🕸 Cobwebs on the eaves

Spider nests forming around eaves and attic openings indicate that insects and pests are attracted to a dirty exterior that needs to be cleaned.

🚫 White dust on concrete surfaces

White powder residue on concrete is a mineral deposit that needs to be removed before staining worsens or etching occurs.

🎨 Fading exterior paint/stains

Exposed wood surfaces that are losing their original color also indicate that the exterior paint or stain needs to be cleaned and replaced.

Watch for these signs on the exterior of your home and make an appointment for professional cleaning as soon as they appear to ensure optimal maintenance.

Recommended washing frequency

Another consideration besides the time of year is the frequency of exterior cleaning. The general frequency of cleaning depends on several factors.

For most homes, a thorough exterior cleaning should be scheduled every 12 to 18 months, with the ideal frequency depending on the home’s location and landscaping.

Homes with lots of trees

Homes surrounded by densely wooded properties may need to be cleaned annually – excess leaves and debris will cause more rapid soiling. Also, consider gutter filtration solutions to reduce roof soiling.

Beach or lakeside properties

For waterfront properties, you should wash at least once a year. The combination of sand, spray, and wet weather greatly accelerates the build-up of dirt. Also, tackle rust stains early, before they attack the concrete or stucco.

Add gutter cleaning to your house cleaning schedule to make exterior maintenance as effective as possible.

Various exterior surfaces HouseWash PA can clean

HouseWash PA offers specialized exterior cleaning services for every exterior structure of a home, from walkways to siding, to improve the home’s overall curb appeal.

Cleaning techniques for siding

Cleaning accumulated debris on exterior siding brings back vibrant colors and extends the life of expensive replacements. The experts at HouseWash PA safely wash all types of siding without the risk of damage that pressure washing can cause.

HouseWash PA gently washes the following types of siding

Vinyl siding washing

Vinyl is very sensitive to stains and requires a special cleaner to prevent the thin material from warping during washing. Gentle vinyl cleaning refreshes the color and prevents fading.

Cleaning wood paneling

Over time, mold and mildew build-up on organic wood materials if they are not cleaned properly. A multi-step, gentle cleaning removes the growth and restores the natural beauty of cedar, redwood, cypress, or other wood siding.

Washing fiber cement and composite cladding

Fiber cement products such as Hardie panels stand up well to pressure washing but still benefit from gentle washing methods without the risk of damaging painted surfaces. Restored darker grout lines on composite accents stand out especially well after professional cleaning.

Cleaning aluminum and steel cladding

Metal siding accumulates dirt from the environment and benefits greatly from a cleaning that removes minerals from the drainage patterns above. Proper metal cleaning maintains value and prevents corrosion problems in the long run.

Brick and stone cladding cleaning

Specialized masonry cleaning methods lift deeply embedded dirt in textured stone surfaces,

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brick and stucco facades and are so gentle that the expensive materials are not damaged even after decades.

Regardless of the type of exterior cladding, HouseWash PA has specialized, gentle washing techniques that are perfectly designed to clean and protect your investment without compromising aesthetics.

Exterior Cleaning

Other commonly washed exterior surfaces

In addition to wall cladding, trained house cleaning technicians can also restore other exterior structures, including:

🏠 Roof cleaning

Thorough cleaning by roofers removes harmful algae and stubborn stains from composite shingles or concrete roof tiles, which can lead to costly repairs if not removed.

🪵 Deck cleaning

Wood and composite deckings accumulate dirt, mold, and other organic debris from outdoor use. Multi-step, gentle cleaning removes stuck-on dirt from hidden joints better than an occasional hosing down.

🧱 Cleaning masonry

Specialized masonry cleaning removes deeply embedded dirt in textured surfaces of stone, brick, and stucco facades and is gentle enough not to damage the expensive materials even after decades.

🛣 Concrete cleaning

Oil drops, brake dust, tire marks, and other stubborn dirt are no problem for professional, gentle concrete cleaning. Clean sidewalks, patios, and driveways increase the attractiveness of the street.

cleaning fences and gardens

Restore beautiful garden features such as wooden privacy fences, vinyl fences, pergolas, and gazebos with gentle cleaning that removes stains without harming delicate painted surfaces or bleaching natural wood materials.

And these are just the most common exterior surfaces that HouseWash PA receives requests for, thanks to its extensive experience with all types of commercial and residential materials, the company is able to tackle any exterior cleaning project imaginable.

Why proper exterior cleaning is important

In addition to the aesthetic aspect, having professionals properly clean the exterior of your home offers some important functional benefits that protect your valuable investment.

Improve curb appeal

First impressions count when it comes to a home’s value and curb appeal. Simply put, a clean exterior equals higher curb appeal in terms of selling price and neighborhood prestige.

Removing mold and mildew

Mold and mildew damage can lead to very expensive repairs (or even lawsuits from neighbors) if not removed in a timely manner.

Reinforce weather protection

Restoring exterior paint will help water-repellent treatments adhere better while washing away damaging debris will improve drainage, protecting against leaks that cause interior damage.

Prevent entry points for insects and pests

A clean façade eliminates hiding places for bugs and rodents, and installing protective screens prevents nesting sites from forming.

Improve the air quality

Removing dangerous allergens, fungi, and pollutant sources will improve backyard air quality and reduce the risk of illness.

Don’t underestimate the tangible financial benefits of proper exterior cleaning: professional cleaning is the first step to avoiding major replacement investments.

Typical costs for exterior cleaning services

Most homeowners who invest in protecting their property will want to budget accordingly for the cost of professional exterior cleaning from companies like HouseWash PA. Here’s an overview of typical price ranges.

Average prices for exterior house cleaning

On average, a thorough whole-house cleaning costs between $300 and $700, based on national surveys of professional cleaning companies. The price range depends mainly on the following factors:

  • House size – larger homes mean higher cleaning costs
  • Type of surfaces – more intricate surfaces cost more
  • Amount of debris – heavier dirt increases fees
  • Additional services – preparation work, landscape protection, etc. can incur additional costs

To put this figure in perspective with other common home improvement services, the average cost to clean the exterior of a home is:

  • 2x the cost of gutter cleaning
  • 1/3 the price of staining patios/fences
  • 5x cheaper than replacing siding

Professional façade cleaning therefore offers an excellent ROI and protects much more costly investments in exterior renovation.

Cost factors that increase the price of exterior cleaning

Some factors that can increase the final bill for house cleaning are:

🔺 Larger home size
More square feet means more hours of labor for on-site cleaning.

🔺 Multi-storey access
Special equipment for safely cleaning second floors incurs additional costs.

🔺 Heavier soiling
Extreme dirt, rust, and mold problems require more effort.

🔺 Additional concrete cleaning
Oil removal and rust treatment on driveways/walkways cost extra.

🔺 Public holiday/weekend service
Most companies charge extra for public holidays or rush jobs.

🔺 Additional prep/protection work
Landscape protection and pre-wash repairs increase the project scope.

Understand how these cost factors affect your specific exterior cleaning needs when planning your budget for replacing your most valuable investment.

Average pressure washing prices by type of exterior surface

In addition to whole house cleaning, HouseWash PA also offers exterior cleaning services that are priced individually for specific areas. Typical surface-specific cleaning prices include:

💵 Roof cleaning
$200 – $500

💵 House siding cleaning $150 – $400

cleaning of terraces and fences $100 – $250

💵 Concrete cleaning
$75 – $200

Plus, there are costs for cleaning stone patios, brick walls, outdoor kitchens, etc. Explore all of HouseWash PA’s service options to create a customized cleaning package perfect for freshening up your home’s exterior.

Schedule an exterior cleaning with HouseWash PA

Now that you’ve learned the many benefits of proper exterior cleaning to protect your real estate investment, it’s time to schedule a cleaning service for your home.

Booking HouseWash PA for your next exterior cleaning project is easy:

✔ Request your free quote

Let us know some basic information about the size of your home, the surfaces to be cleaned, and the amount of debris, and HouseWash PA will get back to you with a customized estimate in no time.

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