Ensure 100% Uptime for Emergency Medical Systems with Deep Freeze

17 April 2018

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Ensure 100% Uptime for Emergency Medical Systems with Deep Freeze

Deep Freeze, a system restoration software by Faronics Corporation, ensures uninterrupted system uptime for emergency medical systems. It’s patented reboot to restore technology protects and maintains medical computers, preventing the occurrence of major issues due to unwanted changes made on systems. It enables a system to revert to an admin-defined, pristine baseline configuration with a single reboot. Deep Freeze thus eliminates possibilities of extended downtime, protecting systems from malicious or accidental threats.

Importance of 24/7 availability in Emergency Healthcare Systems

The healthcare system has become one of the biggest beneficiaries of advancements in IT. Technology now lives at the heart of the functioning of hospitals, clinics, and care-giving facilities. In fact, healthcare facilities need to incorporate relevant emerging technologies to keep up with the HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance.

Sophisticated diagnosis of diseases, surgeries, healthcare trackers, wearables, sensors, medical tricorders and a range of activities related to human health depend on the flawless functioning of computer systems. Even a hospital’s patient records, inventory of medicine and equipment, information on individuals injured in criminal activity (such as robbery, assault, etc) are digitally maintained. The introduction of cloud and similar disruptive technologies have improved responsiveness and effectiveness of medical services to astounding levels.

The flipside of this is that a slight hint of system malfunction in hospitals and medical facilities can lead to dire consequences. Any interruption in a hospital’s systems, due to altered system settings or disruptions in software activity, can put human lives at risk.

Managing the functionality and security of multiple computers can be difficult without employing a comprehensive solution. Manual IT intervention in the event of a malfunction to any computer only furthers the length of system downtime. Healthcare systems cannot afford extended downtime as lives are at stake. Unless the IT department hires a greater number of employees, a major facility cannot keep up all its systems at optimum functionality.

The solution – Deep Freeze

Faronics’ Deep Freeze is ideal for the protection and maintenance of multi-user computer environments. Deep freeze allows IT admins to set up the desired configuration across all workstations as per the requirement. In the event of any system malfunctioning, its reboot to restore capabilities swiftly restores systems to their pristine configuration. With a reboot, the system is cleansed of all unwanted changes and is returned to peak functionality.

Deep Freeze discards all system changes to maintain the pristine admin-configured state. This ensures that each user has access to a fully functioning system. Since any changes made by the user is removed on reboot, unrestricted access to the device can be offered without concern.

Deep Freeze is compatible with both Windows and MacOS. The enterprise and cloud versions provide a centralized console which allows IT administrators to configure and manage emergency medical systems remotely. It also integrates smoothly with Apple Remote Desktop, Microsoft SCCM, and Dell KACE, allowing for hassle-free management and customization of IT systems.

Deployment of Deep Freeze has resulted in more than 60% reduction in requests for IT support, maximizing the efficiency of IT personnel and minimizing maintenance costs.

Download Deep Freeze – Reboot Restore Software http://www.faronics.com/reboot-restore-software

Proven application for Healthcare

The robust and instant system restoration ability of Deep Freeze has benefited healthcare organizations across the world, providing numerous success stories testifying to its effectiveness.

A renowned multi-specialty healthcare group was running approximately 250 workstations, 19 servers, 60 physicians and has nearly 350 employees. The workstations were spread out over six physical locations and were used for scheduling, billing, and recording patient demographics.

The hospital faced the issue of its mission-critical systems getting compromised repeatedly by spyware and malicious software. Any of these instances could have impacted the institute’s HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance. The hospital’s IT staff had to spend up to 10 hours every week to keep the servers clean.

The deployment of Deep Freeze on the four terminal servers of the hospital has eliminated all the problems as the software has been configured to reboot the servers every midnight and restores the clean configuration. It also improved the efficiency of the IT staff, which has to spend only around 3 hours every 3-4 weeks on server maintenance. This Reboot Restore Software not only ensured 100% availability of the hospital’s mission-critical systems but also optimized the maintenance cost.

To know more about Deep Freeze- Reboot To Restore Technology, kindly visit http://www.faronics.com/technology/reboot-to-restore

About Faronics
Faronics was founded in 1996 with the intention of helping customers maximize returns from their existing technological infrastructure. It helps companies manage and secure their IT environments. Headquartered in Vancouver, Faronics has offices in the USA and the UK in addition to a global channel of network partners. Their solutions have been deployed in over 150 countries in more than 30,000 organizations with more than 10 million licenses sold worldwide.


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