Do you Need a professional Ear wax Removal?

12 May 2022

Do you Need a Professional Audiologist For Ear wax Removal?

You certainly do!

The Earwax Removal Network London, which has several practices in many areas of London, recommends that you should never try to remove earwax yourself with your fingers, a cotton bud or any other object.

This can damage your ear and push the wax further down. If earwax causes only minor problems, you can try buying ear drops from the pharmacy.

Using drops may make your hearing or symptoms a little worse at first before they get better. They can help soften the earwax so that it falls out naturally.

Wax does not usually cause any issues unless it is allowed to build up and become impacted if you are constantly trying to remove it manually. The most common symptoms of impacted earwax are hearing loss or muffled sounding hearing. These symptoms usually come on slowly. The symptoms of earwax impaction can appear as other conditions or health problems. Always see your doctor or Audiologist for more information. 


Ear wax, or cerumen, in normal amounts, is important for maintaining healthy ears. This natural oily secretion helps to lubricate the ear canal and forms a protective shield over the delicate inner ear lining as well as reducing the amount of residual dust floating in the atmosphere getting right into the inner ear. However, unfortunately for some, excessive amounts of earwax can build up over time and cause a blockage.

Thorough cleaning of the ears is not necessary unless earwax has accumulated so much that it causes symptoms such as earache or hearing problems.

Wax build-up or blockage can be annoying and affect your well-being. Symptoms of blockage include earache or a feeling of “fullness” in the ear, muffled hearing, dizziness or ringing in the ears. Ear irrigation is a method of removing ear wax from the ears.

Are suffering from Tinnitus?

  • Do you have a ringing or buzzing noise constantly in your ear?
  • Does the noise come and go or is it continuous?
  • Does the problem affect one or both ears?
  • Does the problem affect your daily life?
  • Have you noticed other symptoms, such as hearing loss or dizziness (spinning sensation)?

The doctor will also want to know if you are taking any medications that may be causing the problem, such as high doses of antibiotics or aspirin.

A professional earwax removal procedure can eliminate any symptoms you experience due to earwax build-up in the ear canal.

Treatments to remove earwax

As a temporary relief, you could use Hydrogen peroxide which has been considered an effective ingredient in earwax removal solutions for many years. Researchers found that while earwax rinsing is one of the most common treatments, 

Ear drops can also be used as a first-line treatment to help the ears clean themselves.

Wax that is causing problems can be removed by your local audiology provider, but if you are living in the South of England you could be within the areas covered by the Earwax Removal Network

To soften the wax prior to visiting your audiologist for microsuction earwax removal, a few drops of baby oil, mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide can be placed in the ear canal with an eyedropper.

This will enable the wax will soften and can be removed much faster by microsction provided by your professional earwax removal practitioner. 

Wax can occur in anyone.

However, it is more likely to occur in:

  • People who use hearing aids or earplugs.
  • People who put cotton buds or other objects in their ears.
  • Older People with developmental disabilities
  • People with ear canals are shaped in a way that interferes with the natural removal of ear wax.

Modern methods of ear wax removal are much easier than the old syringes, safer and much more comfortable.

In microsuction ear wax removal, we use a microscope to see what we are doing and a medical suction device to suck out the wax.


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