Cremation Systems Announces the Nation’s First Certified Cremation Retort Installation Program

13 April 2018

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Cremation Systems Announces the Nation’s First Certified Cremation Retort Installation Program

The certified installation process begins with two technicians arriving on Day 1, unloading the retort from the truck and moving it into place, erecting, and connecting the stack. On Day 2 the utilities, Natural Gas, Electrical service, and Internet connection are connected, and unit is fired. Day 3 our staff explains the operating features, proper maintenance techniques and performs the first cremation with the staff.

Key Certified Installation Parameters which are documented are:

  • Retort is positioned within code combustible limits to side walls and ceiling of crematory
  • Stack has the proper clearances to structural members, combustible and non-combustible composition
  • Unit is square, level, and anchored properly to the floor
  • Gas line is installed correctly, supported, and leak tested. Incoming gas pressure is confirmed
  • Electrical supply is connected with proper amperage circuit breaker and shut off switch
  • Stack termination point (above roof) is clear of any obstructions horizontally within 10 feet
  • Staff understands maintenance procedures they will perform on retort
  • Staff completes first cremation and is confident they can perform additional cremations without further training
  • Owner/Operator receives certification that all the above items have been accomplished and certified

When it is time to install your first or second retort contact Cremation Systems to be sure it is a Certified Installation.


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