Coursetune Joins Arizona State University Enterprise Partners

10 April 2018

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Coursetune Joins Arizona State University Enterprise Partners

Coursetune, a first-of-its-kind curriculum blueprinting and learning design collaboration tool, today announced a strategic partnership with the Arizona State University (ASU) EdTech Accelerator. The partnership will bring Coursetune’s proprietary course and program development software into EdPlus, the centralized online education team at ASU.

“We are excited to have Coursetune as a member of our accelerator program and to partner with their leadership team to continue to enhance and innovate ASU’s instructional design capabilities,” said R.F. “Rick” Shangraw, Jr., chief executive officer of Arizona State University Enterprise Partners.

“Giving instructional designers and faculty a visual tool to better understand the scaffolding and alignment of their course outcomes, and of courses across a program is our primary goal,” said Dr. Maria Andersen, chief executive officer of Coursetune. “From there, Coursetune allows academic teams to continue to return to their blueprint throughout the year to identify and collaborate around improvements. Until Coursetune, this level of agility has been impossible in a traditional learning design process.” Dr. Andersen explains, “Increasingly, institutions are requiring their teams continuously improve curriculum to stay competitive in today’s educational landscape.”

The Instructional Design team at EdPlus is currently implementing Coursetune in targeted programs. Over time, they plan to bring faculty and administration into the Coursetune tool as well to optimize the collaboration and visualization features. Progress is being tracked for identifying improved methods for outcomes mapping and instructional design.

“The promise of this tool is an exciting prospect,” said Philippos Savvides, Manager of Learning Technologies at EdPlus at ASU. “We hope to see indicators of time savings and greater understanding of the learning experience between instructional designers and faculty. The Coursetune visualizations are like no other and offer unique insights you simply cannot get from spreadsheets and traditional methods.”

In addition to Coursetune’s work with EdPlus and the ASU EdTech Accelerator, Coursetune will be exhibiting at the annual ASU + GSV Summit April 16 – 18.

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About Coursetune
Coursetune is a collaborative tool for educators to align course and curriculum outcomes to standards and goals. A subscription to Coursetune makes it possible to architect and visualize complex learning blueprints in a way that is easy to share with faculty and stakeholders for easier, quicker buy-in. Technology and knowledge is evolving faster than ever; this is a tool for educators to meet current learning demands and capture future learning opportunity.


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