Coinfirm to Enhance the Safe Integration of Cryptocurrencies Into the Global Economy

12 April 2018

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Coinfirm to Enhance the Safe Integration of Cryptocurrencies Into the Global Economy

Full integration between the traditional economy and blockchain and cryptocurrencies, relies on effective and safe capital flow between the blockchain environment and participants of financial markets, banks and institutions thus exposing both companies and individuals to various types of irregularities, fraud and risk. Consequences of this can be significant in both the financial and reputation context. Due to the growing market of cryptocurrencies, the number of threats to which their users are exposed increases and so does the need to verify business partners and origin of funds. To meet the needs and expectations, Coinfirm technology allows for the use of automated analytical modules and made-to-measure solutions for businesses aimed at minimizing risk of value loss, theft, tracking or preventing capital transfer blocking.

Thanks to the establishment of the new business unit, Coinfirm is contributing to the market know-how in three areas of great importance for the global economy.The new unit will be headed by Paweł Aleksander CIO & Co-Founder of Coinfirm. A recognizable fraud prevention expert in Europe, Pawel was the head of Fraud Investigations in such major corporations as ArcelorMittal, the AML/KYC Project Manager in the Royal Bank of Scotland, and fraud investigator in Ernst & Young.

Blockchain is the most transparent system ever created. Due to its rapid value growth it has become the target for various irregularities and fraud. However, with proper tools, use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies is secure and transparent to an extent not achievable in the traditional financial system – said Paweł Aleksander, CIO and Co-Founder of Coinfirm.

Firstly. Coinfirm provides source of funds evidence and delivers explanation for wealth a party is seeking to deposit on fiat currency accounts. Coinfirm runs detailed investigations of all transactions involving virtual currencies performed by individuals and entities intending to make deposits with the Bank.

Fraud Investigation is essential to gather evidence, identify and trace misappropriated cryptocurrency assets. There are currently more than 2 billion dollars worth of cryptocurrencies lost due to the result of hacks, scams, extortions or misappropriations. Thanks to Coinfirm’s solutions the destination of defrauded assets may be precisely identified.

Bespoke Analyses. Coinfirm can support companies in gaining valuable market insights, expand their database and offer portfolio, make smart data backed decisions and get custom reports. Coinfirm provides business intelligence for making effective decisions.

Coinfirm, as leader in blockchain regtech and integrating blockchain into the traditional economy, we are readying our role as the go to partner to accompany bussinesses on their way from full understanding to full business integration with all opportunities provided by blockchain and the digital economy. Therefore, the establishment of the new unit should be perceived as the further development of our strong position on the global market – said Paweł Kuskowski, CEO and Co-Founder of Coinfirm.

Coinfirm. Recognized as a leader in their field and ranked among the most influential blockchain and regtech companies, Coinfirm serves as a foundation for safe adoption and use of blockchain. Coinfirm’s Blockchain AML & Compliance Platform uses proprietary algorithms and big data analysis to provide structured actionable data that increase efficiency, reduce costs and streamlines compliance to near automation. The blockchain agnostic platform benefits not only companies operating around blockchain but also major financial institutions, asset management companies, and BI companies. In addition, Coinfirm develops dedicated blockchain solutions such as their data verification platform “trudatum”. Currently being piloted for adoption by multiple financial institutions and insurance companies, trudatum is an easy to use and adopt blockchain solution to register and verify the ownership and authenticity of any type of document, file, or data.


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