Adzooma’s Interactive Micrographic – The Online Advertising…

13 December 2017

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Adzooma’s Interactive Micrographic – The Online Advertising…

Adzooma Infographic

Since launching in November 2016, Adzooma, a fast-growing worldwide marketing software, have seen their customer base grow at a phenomenal rate.

Adzooma offers its users the ability to create, scale, and optimise their digital marketing and advertising campaigns in a single system. Their innovative platform has already saved their clients hundreds of hours that were previously wasted using multiple platforms and third party software.

With this in mind, Adzooma has created an interactive micrographic looking at advertising records broken, trends, and Google’s dominance throughout 2017. With 2018 just around the corner, Adzooma’s latest content then goes on to outline top predictions for paid search in 2018, focusing on:

  • Voice Search
  • Audience Targeting
  • PPC
  • Image and Video

as well as offering actionable advice and top tips and hints along the way. It is data rich and has nice interactive visuals.

Please see:

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We can write a longer piece on this topic, expand upon it, or add an intro to help introduce Adzooma’s micrographic.

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