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Habazar Internet Marketing was originally started in 1998 as a platform to develop websites and applications for clients .

Geoff Lord Owner of habazar Internet marketing

Geoff Lord resume:-

Geoff Lord has been developing software and websites for his own group of companies since 1984 ! . Yes you read that correctly,  1984.

Since leaving school in 1956 I have always been interested in electronics and engineering and served a 3 year apprenticeship with the then British Railways as a diesel and electrical traction engineer, repairing and maintaining diesel engines and electric trains and qualified in 1960 with a HND in Electrical Engineering. However, this was not to be my future career path.

In 1960 I joined the British Army and after basic training was selected to train as a Specialist Radio and communications operative. This was at the time a very sought after trade as it was the dawning of the electronics and data processing era. I am not at liberty to disclose details of the work I was involved in, other than to say our unit worked closely with the Intelligence Corps.

After leaving the Army in 1967 following an accident falling from the roof of a Radio Truck, I embarked on a civilian career in Sales and Marketing.

Over the Years since 1967 I have sold many types of products and services including Insurance, Sewing machines, Cars, Household Hardware, Aladdin Heaters and services to industry.  I was also a Branch Manager for a Finance Company for 4 Years, and a news agency manager along the way somewhere.

In 1979 I was approached to become a Sales manager for one of Britain’s largest Spectacle frame manufactures which was the start of a whole new career path for me. Not only did I sell the products I had to learn how to design and make them. I eventually became the companies export sales manager and travelled extensively in Europe and the USA marketing the companies products. I also studied part-time at Hendon Business College and earned a degree in Sales and Marketing Management. This led me to other opportunities in the optical Industry and over the next few years I became the UK sales Manager and later the UK Sales Director for one of the Worlds top Spectacle frame manufacturers at that time.

In 1982 I opened my first company importing and selling optical goods to the UK Optical industry. In 1984 I teamed up with one of my ex colleges and together we opened the first Opticians practice in the UK in a shopping Mall. Prior to that, Opticians had not been unable to trade as regular retailers as it was a regulated Health Service and believe it not, Opticians in the UK up until then had not even been allowed to display prices on their spectacles…sounds weird now…but its true. We took advantage of a loophole I had discovered in the Law at the time, which eventually led to the de-regulation of the sale of Optical goods in the UK, and the rise of the Optical Chains we all see and know in every shopping mall in the UK.

Over the next 25 Years the businesses I owned grew to include Opticians Practices, Travel Agencies, Spectacle Frame manufacturing and Optical Laboratories.

During all that time I bought the first computer ever launched in the UK, A Sinclair 1 K Machine !!  Imagine that today ! 1 K of memory.  It took ages to program a dot to go from one side of the tv screen to other !!!  Anyway as time went on I worked on my computers in the background creating database management systems to run the patient reminders systems for the practices, and writing training manuals for the staff. All self-taught from scratch as it was all new to everyone at that time.

I created the first ever Opticians website in the World at that time and won an award a couple of years later for it in the UK Optical Industry Annual Awards program that was running at the time. I eventually retired from my High Street Businesses in 2012.

Which all brings us back full circle to the beginning of the inception of habazar.com which I had run as a sideline business since 1989.

So what can I do for you !!

Habazar Internet Marketing is full service internet marketing company and digital marketing agency offering a full suite of SEO services tailored to your business needs.  I help businesses meet their goals and boost their ROI through digital marketing solutions. I will never use practices which could put a clients web sites (or business) at risk from Google penalties; I only use the best white hat SEO practices for businesses.

The Services provided Include:

  • I provide premium solutions at rates that you can afford.
  • I provide comprehensive reporting for full campaign visibility so you can stay updated.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Campaigns
  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Audits and Analysis reports
  • Website design and makeovers
  • Website Hosting
  • Video Marketing and Video Creations
  • Google PPC campaign Management
  • Bing PPC Campaign Management
  • Facebook Ad Campaign Management
  • Yell Pages,Cylex Pages,Yelp Pages and most citation pages set up and manage

I have the following Skills in relation to SEO, Social marketing and Video Marketing which I am able to offer to a select few clients on a time only or a per project basis.

  • Website design and management in html/css using dreamweaver and other web-applications.
  • WordPress website design and Theme management.
  • WordPress Plugin installations and management
  • Website Hosting.
  • Server management including WHM, C.panel, Plesk, Linux servers.
  • VPS servers including AWS, Google Cloud and private Network servers.
  • CloudFlare Management
  • SQL Database set up and management.
  • Graphics design/manipulation using several programs including adobe psd, paintshop,paint etc.
  • Video creations and design using PowerPoint and Camtasia.
  • Mobile Phone Application design, implementation and management. (Android)
  • Google Play developer management.
  • Google API Management.
  • Blogger (google) set up and management.
  • Google+ pages and Google Business Set up and management.
  • Software developement project management.
  • Alpha and Beta testing of Web Application.
  • Social Account Management and account Creation
    Facebook, Twitter Tumblr, LinkedIn,Blogger, Instagram,Hootesuite. +others
  • Scrapebox campaign Management.
  • Butterfly Memebership site set up and management
  • Autoresponder set up and management, bespoke or most popular AR’s such as Aweber, Mailchimp, sendmail,sendfree etc.
  • JVZoo and Warrior plus campaign set up and management.
  • Amazon and Kindle Book Creation and management.
  • CPA and Commission Junction set up and management.

Basically, I have experience of an extremely wide variety of anything computer and internet connection. I am also adept at problem-solving on applications and web-based software.

I am the Owner/Developer of AppAttract the Mobile Phone Advertising System at:-
http://www.appattract.com. Mobile Phone App developer and builder for small businesses.

I own and manage the following Websites from where I offer my services.

Eye2Eye -Marketing and Video Marketing,
digital media and social marketing specialists for Local Businesses.

Get Started NOW with a FREE No Obligation Website Audit at

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