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NEOSTYLE was founded in Gerlingen, Germany in 1961 as a fashion orientated Spectacle Frame Manufaturer. This gave rise to the Avante Garde styles which were at the time considered to the very best in Fashion Spectacle Frame design which were designed around specific groups of people, thus evolved "Personality Design"

NEOSTYLE Products are conceived and designed by our Cheif Designer "Konstantin Livas" who joined Neostyle in the 1970's. since then he designed and created numerous Models which have been at the forefront of Optical Fashion trends.

NEOSTYLE use only the very best Materials in the Production of their Personality Design Eyewear and are totally comited to ensure that this high standard of quality is maintained throughout the Neostyle range.

The Frame ranges are split into 4 disitinct catagories which are:-

Mozart - art and Culture

Teddy for the young "Greats" of Tomorrow

Holiday Sun spectacles ranges

Actuell Couture and Century

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